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Organic Kale Powder

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Kale is a plant rich in chlorophyll, vitamin, especially mineral and contains much fiber which makes you feel satiated without calories. It also contains calcium, protein, carotinoid. Kale contains huge amount of calcium (181mg per 100g) which is more than three times as much as milk's calcium, more than 65 times as much as cabbage's calcium, more than 52 times as much as apple's calcium and more than 65 times as much as tomato's calcium. Kale also contains much carotinoid (78mg per 100g) which is more than twice as much as carotinoid of spinach called the source of carotinoid.

Hannongmaeul raised kale organically and reduced it into powder in the shape of Z-wheat, so children, the aged , the infirm, especially person having difficulty in digesting food, can eat with ease. We also dried it by lyophilization to minimize destruction of nutrients.