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Organic Barley Sprout Powder

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  • 150g of organic barley sprout was dried at low temperature to maintain nutrition and was reduced to powder.
  • Treasure of nutrition, Barley Sprout- take it mixed with water, yoghurt, milk and honey.

Understanding of Barley Sprout

Barley contains more than 50 times as much potassium as milk contains and more than 18 times as much potassium as spinach contains. Barley also contains more than 11 times as much calcium as milk contains and it contains almost 5 times as much iron as spinach contains. Barley contains 388.8mg of vitaminC per 100g and the vitaminC of barley is 3 times as much as that of spinach and 60 times as much as that of apple.

Besides, it has been known as a nutritionally rare food containing many kinds of minerals such as magnesium, copper, manganese and zinc. Barley contains 66.4g of alkali per 100g, which is much more than spinach's 39.6mg, tomatoes' 5.6mg, salery's 8.4mg, banana'7.9mg and cabbage'2.7mg.

As barley sprout below 15 degree Celsius and it is reaped before vermin multiply, Bacteria and Mold can not inhabit barley and contamination from insecticide can be prevented. Thus it is good to drink natural juice or to eat raw food.